Kittie Walker

Life’s Journey another Puzzle Piece Slots into Place

By Kittie Walker / January 3, 2013 /

I’ve struggled with personal confidence most of my life – growing up I was introverted and shy. I married early…

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How to Relax At Christmas Parties And Keep Your Personal Brand Intact

By Kittie Walker / December 4, 2012 /

Lunches out, Friday night drinks, summer picnics and office BBQs don’t seem to cause nearly as many embarrassing incidents as…

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The Three Book Diet – Can I Make It Work In 2013?

By Kittie Walker / October 14, 2012 /

As usual for a Sunday morning, Chris Brogan has gotten me thinking. Thinking about Indigo Girl and what the business…

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How to Increase Employee Morale and Improve Productivity

By Kittie Walker / May 26, 2012 /

Something is not quite right, not as it should be at the office. It has lost its sparkle, people are…

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Chain Letters Are Alive and Well in the Digital World

By Kittie Walker / April 5, 2012 /

Don’t Know What Chain Letters Are – Let Me Explain Back in the day, for those under the age of…

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