Kittie Walker

WordPress Writing 101 Blogging challenge: Day Three

By Kittie Walker / April 9, 2015 /

Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice Setting the scene: the blogging challenge today is a free writing exercise – write…

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WordPress Writing 101 Blogging Challenge Day Two: A Room with a View

By Kittie Walker / April 8, 2015 /

It’s hot, and not a heat I’ve experienced before. There’s a languid humidity over the city. I’m left feeling like…

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WordPress Writing 101 Blogging Challenge – Day One: Unlock the Mind

By Kittie Walker / April 7, 2015 /

Setting the scene for day 1: Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just…

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Paleo – Primal Blueberry Muffins with Dark or White Chocolate

By Kittie Walker / June 7, 2014 /

First of all,  let me say that since moving across to a primal way of eating, I’ve spent hours upon hours…

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The Mayflower Pub - Rotherhithe - London - SE16

The Mayflower, Rotherhithe Street, SE16

By Kittie Walker / May 28, 2014 /

They’re not a fancy establishment, but pack a punch well above their weight as far as the cooking and flavours…

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