Preconceived Ideas – Why We Must Always Challenge Them

By Kittie Walker / April 1, 2012 /

Have you ever found yourself in a business meeting or at an event, listening to someone speak, but not hearing…

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Writing – why are moments of inspiration so illusive?

By Kittie Walker / April 9, 2011 /

We need to find inspiration to write. There are plenty of tools, exercises and methodologies out there to help us…

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Devious link building or just normal business practice?

By Kittie Walker / March 21, 2011 /

Devious link building or just normal business practice –  A little bit of background to start with, I run two…

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How to get more taffic – customer insights!

By Kittie Walker / August 4, 2010 /

Targeted traffic is extremely important for conversion rates. To satisfy the needs of the traffic that you are targeting you…

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Are you publishing too soon?

By Kittie Walker / August 3, 2010 /

Have you ever looked back on an article or a post the day after you have hit the publish button…

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